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Man Charged with Attacking Lawyer with Hatchet and Wasp Spray

Criminal lawyer in Nashville TNA man from Quincy, MA, has been charged recently for attacking a lawyer in a parking garage with a hatchet and wasp spray.  His reason: the lawyer was representing the other party in a pending probate case.


Michael A. Kelly, age 53, snuck up behind the lawyer while he was loading items into his vehicle as it was parked in a parking garage.  Kelly hit the lawyer multiple times in the head with the hatchet.  The victim was able to disarm Kelly and cover the hatchet, but then Kelly began spraying him in the face with a can of poisonous wasp spray.


Bystanders in the parking garage had noticed the attack and called police.  They shouted to Kelly that the police were on their way, which was enough to cause him to break off his assault and drive away.  A bystander snapped a picture of his vehicle and tags, and the police identified and caught the man.


Kelly is now facing two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a person older than 60 as well as armed assault with intent to murder.


The probate lawyer needed 25 staples, but was released from the hospital in stable condition.


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