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Case Dismissed: Domestic “Goose” Chase is Nonviolent

David Chase after the verdict. Probably.

David Chase after the verdict. Probably.

David Chase, once CEO of Chase Development company in Nashville, is probably counting his lucky stars at the end of what has proven to be a frightfully dramatic domestic violence fraud. The man is innocent. Of course the trial pretty much ruined his life, reputation-wise… But still. He’s not in prison and that’s certainly a notable step in the right direction.

The Wild Goose Chase

The case involved Chase’s alleged attack on his ex-girlfriend. She claimed that he broke through the door, struck and strangled her, and threw her out of the house by her ponytail. But then she admitted to lying about the door-kicking. And witnesses revealed that she stumbled out of the apartment alone, her ponytail far from Chase’s grip. Then there were her Google search records from the night before the incident – dense records they were, and the topic was “signs of strangulation.”

Chase and his attorneys have maintained a position of innocence from day one. Judging by the aforementioned evidence reveals, the victim who wasn’t a victim made an enormous effort to conceal the fact that they were truthful. For a long time, though, she succeeded. Chase was forced to resign from his high position at his successful development company. His career reputation, as well as his social rep, suffered immensely from the criminal accusations. But he’s got plans to start fresh, which is probably more than he was willing to hope for the past several months.

Tennessee Legislative Consequences

State officials decided to make a few changes following the end of the Chase domestic violence case. Obviously they had to investigate the alleged attack. But the trial dragged on for a long time, as trials tend to do, costing a lot of time and attention for apparently nothing. Well, that’s not exactly true. Although his ex-girlfriend will not be facing charges for dishonesty in the courtroom, lawmakers have passed a bill maintaining that three judges are henceforth required to review any domestic violence case. This should definitely help prevent liars from slipping through the cracks.

Another legal addition, passed just after the trial, stipulates that all defendants of such cases must be held for twelve hours. The judge has the power to waive this, if he deems it appropriate. Also good news for some people – namely the Nashville metro police – is that Chase promptly withdrew the lawsuits he was planning to file against Metro Government and certain particular officers. It looks like Nashville courts can move ahead having resolved this unfortunate affair, and direct their attention towards the countless other problems that need fixing.

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