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Nashville’s Broader Band

Let there be broadband.

Let there be broadband.

Obama signed off on a broadband expansion initiative this week that will, hopefully, prove to be a solid step toward bridging the digital divide. Lower income areas in select cities will soon be equipped with public internet service thanks to this “ConnectHome” plan. Nashville proudly stands as one of the 24+ cities chosen to pioneer the initiative due to local interest in internet accessibility.

The ConnectHome Mission

It’s pretty obvious to most Americans that internet accessibility is crucial to today’s lifestyle. The resources and networking platforms available online are enormously beneficial in countless regards. And internet access is becoming increasingly necessary for both education and the professional world.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has recognized this priority already. ConnectHome, although groundbreaking on its own, will certainly supplement the pre-established “ConnectEd” initiative that currently provides high speed internet to K-12 schools across the nation. This new plan is geared toward America’s kids as well, and hopes to provide online connection to nearly 200,000 children. In addition to broadband access, areas serviced by ConnectHome will also be offered technical assistance and provided with resources for launching digital literacy classes.

ConnectHome in Nashville

Nonprofit companies and privately owned internet service providers will aid the broadband expansion effort. Nashville’s slice of the ConnectHome pie will be served by Google Fiber. Of course, not all lower income areas will have the privilege of testing the new service. For now, public broadband will only be provided to certain public housing locations. The good news is that this is just a first step toward further expansion. Nashville already has the ball rolling: plans are currently in the works to establish computer labs and educational programs for digital literacy in the areas where ConnectHome will launch. K-12 students can expect to be most affected by the initiative.

Tennessee and Net Neutrality

Nashville isn’t the only Tennessee city to take steps toward net neutrality. Earlier this year, cable companies encouraged Tennessee state officials to file a lawsuit against the federal government for its approval of Chattanooga’s own internet expansion plans. Chattanooga has fast, fast internet because it made its own broadband service. Other areas have noticed and they want in. Chattanooga was completely on board with sharing, and the federal government gave it the OK – until cable companies realized what this meant for their business. So, the state filed a lawsuit trying to stop this from happening. Federal officials, however, expect the issue to be resolved in their favor.

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