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Category Archives: Product Liability

FitBit Facing Lawsuit Alleging Company Not Fulfilling Fitness Promises

One of the most popular Christmas gifts of 2015 was the Fitbit, a wearable wristband device that monitors and tracks heart rate to help consumers stay in shape. However, the makers of the Fitbit are facing a lawsuit that alleges the gadget does not accurately monitor heart rate as claimed. Three plaintiffs are filing the […]

Fellow Cast Members Pay Tribute to Paul Walker

Paul Walker was heading out from his Los Angeles charity event with his buddy Roger Rodas when Rodas’s Porsche Carrera suddenly collided into a concrete pole surrounded by trees, causing the car to explode in a blast of fire. The crash killed both Walker and Rodas before either could be administered medical attention. This was November […]

E-cigarette Explodes, $2 Million Awarded to Californian

A two-year product liability lawsuit involving a ruthless e-cigarette came to its conclusion in California Wednesday. The court ruled in favor of Jennifer Ries, who was pretty seriously injured when her electronic cigarette detonated while she was using it. The award amounts to nearly $2 million — and although that may sound like a crazy number, […]