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Corrupt NCIS agent fell under the spell of ‘Fat Leonard’

Fat Leonard sits before a swath of cashNCIS isn’t just a deathlessly redundant television show. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service also exists in real life, functioning as a protective agency that focuses on situations involving the Navy and Marines. Nautical stuff. You know, on the water.

John Beliveau Jr. was an NCIS agent. Once, he was the NCIS agent of the year. Now he’s just a fledgling jailbird, a position earned by super corrupt activities and nonchalant betrayal of his organization. The 47-year-old (ex) agent evidently fell under the “spell” of hookers, cash, and alcohol, all of which were provided by a Singapore-based defense contractor in exchange for NCIS secrets.

The name is Leonard — Fat Leonard.

The evil puppeteer who pulled Beliveau’s strings was Leonard Glenn Francis, known in certain circles as Fat Leonard. On paper, he was a defense contractor. His real game, however, was charming people into giving him what he wanted. Beliveau wasn’t the only person to receive bribes from Fat Leonard. The man was famous. He’d throw Naval officers lavish parties with Cuban cigars and fancy cocktails and strippers. And people do like to party.

The extent of Fat Leonard’s general influence is probably still up in the air, but his impact on Beliveau isn’t. According to his lawyers, he was basically helpless to resists the temptations of Fat Leonard. He grew up with OCD, went through exhausting cancer treatments right before encountering Fat Leonard, suffered something called “dengue fever” during a stint in East Timor, he got PTSD from seeing a gang member get his head cut off. This history of mental and physical illnesses, according to Beliveau’s legal team, didn’t combine smoothly with his soft spot for drinking and sexual inexperience.

Whatever. Who knows.

But for several years, Beliveau got along quite well with Fat Leonard. Beliveau would give him a bunch of sensitive NCIS information with which Fat Leonard could protect his assets thereby perpetuating his corrupt activities, and Fat Leonard would give Beliveau a bunch of booze, $30,000, prostitutes, and pretend to be his friend.

Now both men have pleaded guilty to their various crimes. Fat Leonard is under federal custody, having pleaded guilty to bribery in 2013, and will face sentencing next summer. Beliveau pleaded guilty to bribery in 2013 as well, and this Thursday he admitted that he gave Fat Leonard a ton of classified information over the course of their relationship.

The NCIS is not pleased.

Prosecutors want Beliveau behind bars for 15 years because of the “incalculable injury” he inflicted on the NCIS’s image and operation. Witnesses were exposed and placed in danger. Vast sums of money were lost. And, of course, the NCIS does not look especially impressive in light of this story. So they want Beliveau punished.

For his part, Beliveau wants a modest two years of home confinement, although he claims to understand and regret the unfortunate situation he created:

“I have betrayed the badge I wore, the oath I took, my comrades. I deserve and understand the feelings of anger, vengeance, and disgust from others in my former field.”

Still, he doesn’t feel he deserves prison. Hence his lawyers taking the “poor mental state” route. We’ll have to wait and see how all this turns out for Beliveau, but he’s actually not the only Naval officer involved in this case — just one of the more high-profile ones. Eleven other people have already been charged, with several more to come.

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