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Florida Man Murders Married Couple, Bites Off Man’s Face

welcome to Florida sign with a red-eyed scary man in frontA grisly murder in Martin County, Florida has the police searching for clues. Officers responded to a call last night from the victims’ neighbor, who was critically injured while trying to stop a fight between his married neighbors and a young man. By the time the first officer arrived on the scene, the wife was dead in the garage and her husband was lying in the driveway. The young man was on top of him. He eating his face.

Another case of zombie drugs?

Obviously, the first thing the cops tried to do was get the suspect to stop biting the skin off the victim’s face. This was not easy. It took every officer on the scene, a K-9 police dog, and a stun gun to restrain the young man. By the time they had the suspect in handcuffs, his victim in the driveway was dead.

As for the neighbor who called the police, he’s alive but not doing so hot. He had to be flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital, St. Mary’s Trauma Center, in critical condition. His identity has yet to be released and it’s uncertain how he fares post-emergency surgery.

The suspect, who is still alive and receiving treatment at St. Mary’s, was later identified as a 19-year-old student at Florida State University. It’s also been reported that he was no stranger to his victims. The nature of that relationship, however, is still to be determined.

This isn’t an unprecedented situation. Zombie-ish attacks have happened before. I’m not even talking about all those zombies on television — I’m talkin’ Real Life. In fact, we’re probably all remembering the same thing: bath salts. That was the drug that naked Miami man took in 2012 when he bit off another guy’s face. Bath salts are notorious for being the “face-eating” drug.

So are bath salts involved here? There’s no telling yet — but if it wasn’t, that doesn’t mean that drugs weren’t the issue. The sheriff of Martin County, William Snyder, seems to have his suspicions that another drug might have spurred the suspect’s violent attack: flakka.

Not the rapper. Flakka is another one of those crazy chemical-based drugs that’s consumed for its stimulating effects. It’s made from cathinones, which are also in bath salts. One would assume that people take flakka to experience some kind of energetic euphoria, but like its cousin bath salt, this is a fine and dangerous line to tread.

Law enforcement in Florida has been dealing with the rise of flakka for the past year. It’s basically the new bath salts. When weird, crazy, grisly stuff happens, the cops first guess these days is probably flakka. Is flakka responsible for the Martin County incident? Sheriff Snyder seems to be leaning towards that conclusion:

“It will be some time before we get any kind of toxicology report, but I would not be surprised, though, if we end up finding out that is the case.”

Drugs and Violence

The face-biting college student responsible for murdering this married couple will be in for some hefty charges once he recovers. If it turns out that he was on some sort of messed up drug, that’s a crime, and either way, he killed two people and almost killed a third. Let’s not forget the likelihood of trespassing charges, breaking and entering, resisting arrest, etc. He’s made himself a dagwood sandwich of serious crimes. He’ll need the best lawyer in the world if he wants much more pleasure out of life.

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