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Child Found Naked & Dehydrated, Father at Home Getting High

Snoop-Dogg-MarijuanaStop me when this story sounds like a movie Seth Rogen would star in. A naked two-year-old boy was seen walking naked and dehydrated on a busy street in Hermitage, Tennessee on Monday. Where were his parents? The mother was at work, but the father was doing something far less productive — he was smoking that sweet ganja goodness. A driver for Nashville Electric Services discovered the young boy at the intersection of Andrew Jackson Parkway and Rachels View and brought him to neighbors nearby who supplied the child with a diaper, shirt, food and juice (multiple juice boxes, by the way). Authorities who examined the boy saw his were feet awfully scratched from the sizzling asphalt. Middle school children getting off a school bus directed police to the boy’s home. There, officers arrested the father, Steven Dodd. The 41-year-old told police he was scared of the boy because the child was “God.” According to an affidavit, Dodd admitted to smoking marijuana at the time, proclaiming it was “the best weed of his life.” Dodd is being charged with aggravated child neglect. You did not stop me, so it sounds like Hollywood will pick up this story and somehow create it into a hilarious comedy coming out next summer.

Child Custody in Tennessee

An incident like this could see the Department of Children’s Services take the two-year-old child taken away from Dodd. Following the arrest, the boy’s mother met with police to take custody of the child. It was not specified if the mother and father are divorced. If they are, full custody will likely go to the mother, but if they are not, the child may be taken away by the DCS. In child custody cases, the Tennessee courts always look for the best interests of minor children. When determining child custody issues in Tennesse, the judge does a comparative fitness test based upon an array of custody criteria. The courts will then designate a parent with “primary custody,” the Primary Residential Parent (PRP), and a parent with visitation privileges, the Alternate Residential Parent (ARP).

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