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Rumors of David & Victoria Beckham Divorce Looming

beckham-potential-divorceEven those of us who aren’t diehard fans of soccer are probably familiar with the sport’s international superstar David Beckham. He’s that cool looking European guy, you know, the one who kicked that black and white ball around like a badass once upon a time? Married to Victoria Beckham, formerly known as Posh Spice of the Spice Girls?

Well, times they are a-changin’, and after a rumored streak of marital arguments with his wife Victoria, it’s looking like the ex-soccer god might be drifting apart from his goddess.

That Marital Rough Patch

It happens all the time these days with marriages: the spark fizzles out and a couple just isn’t on the same wavelength anymore. Divorce rates are as high as ever, because why rekindle a flame when it’s starting to burn you? Of course, sometimes it’s just a rough patch, a necessary hurdle along the track of marital life. But sadly, not all marriages can be salvaged after bad feelings surface and fester for too long.

David and Victoria Beckham’s rough patch has reportedly been persisting for the past several months. Dave himself only recently retired from his monumental soccer career and this might be part of the reason why things aren’t going so smoothly between him and his wife. He’s coasting on the easy slopes of retirement while she’s hitting the work grind harder than ever.

The Beckham marriage has been strong and sturdy since the knot was tied in 1999. Since then, there’ve been four little Beckhams added to the mix: Harper, Romeo, Brooklyn, and Cruz. And by all reports, the parents have done a great job raising these kids! In fact, insider sources commenting on the potentially disintegrating marriage remarked that this might be the couple’s saving grace:

“What keeps their bond strong is their children. They are both brilliant parents.”

But just because two people are good at rearing kids together doesn’t mean they’re good at being married together. Dave’s relaxing, speaking at a few public events, but mostly taking it easy. Victoria’s fashion business is booming, and she’s all over the place for work. Her stress combined with his relative ease may be the reason for the heated spats they seem to be having — one of the more recent being an argument following their appearance at a London Fashion Week event.

There’s no official word on whether this is the end of the Beckhams as of now, but things aren’t looking particularly hopeful. Fans across the world cross their fingers that the popular super-couple will sort things out.

Getting Divorced in Tennessee

Divorce in the U.K. is probably a little different than it is over here in the states. If the Beckhams were Tennesseans and indeed pursuing a split, the nature of the divorce would depend heavily on how bad their relationship managed to get up to that point.

There are two types of divorce: contested and uncontested. The latter type is what we’d hope for the Beckhams, and for any separating couple, if they were to divorce. Uncontested divorces are solved without the need for a courtroom trial, and usually such processes are pursued amicably by both sides. Details are arranged and either spouse actively tries to do what’s best for everybody.

Contested divorces are those nasty dramatic ones we watch on tv. More exciting, sure, but certainly no fun if you’re involved. Everything is more complicated and questions of things like child custody and property division become much more heated. It’s always a good idea to shoot for an uncontested divorce first, reserving contested methods for last resort situations.

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