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Pics Posted To Facebook Ruin Ashville Bank Heist

"Jinkies! The robbers put their pictures all over Facebook!"

“Jinkies! The robbers put their pictures all over Facebook!”

We know this because an Ohio couple tried it out. After sticking up a bank and successfully making it out with fat stacks of cash, these two lovers decided their next move was to upload photos of themselves with their loot to Facebook.

Yes, to Facebook.

And while it’s absolutely crucial for bank robbers to know how many “likes” they’d get for photos of a job well done, I’m sure we can all agree that these two pretty much put on their own handcuffs.

How Not To Rob A Bank

This endearing story begins a little over a month ago, at a Savings Bank in Ashville, Ohio. The scheme itself was fairly discreet. There wasn’t any of that “EVERYBODY GET ON THE GROUND THIS IS A ROBBERY” stuff. A note was quietly slipped across the counter, politely requesting that the teller stick ’em up. This was met with compliance and the two lovebirds moseyed out of the bank with cash in hand.

The real kicker is that they may have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for those meddling cops and that stupid Facebook post. Security cameras only captured vague shadows of the culprits. Which is impressive considering the mastermind’s face tattoos.

But their instinct to keep their Facebook timelines current and relevant betrayed them in the end. One picture featured a romantic shot of the burglars embracing outside a ladies’ restroom with handfuls of stolen money.


Then there was the one where the guy, face tats flaunted, playfully crammed a boodle of the bread into his mouth. He added, “That’s called a McStack.”


Very cute stuff.

It didn’t take long for Ashville’s police to put two and two together. The couple was taken into custody, and now they’ll have time to reminisce about the whole thing from behind bars. Maybe if they think about it hard enough they’ll figure out where exactly they went wrong.

Theft in Tennessee

Depending on how much the lovebird burglars burgled, they could be looking at some felony-tier consequences, if Ohio law regarding theft is anything like that of Tennessee. Money certainly counts as property. And since this money was taken without the consent of its steward, in this case the bank, the heist qualifies as “theft of property.”

This crime is only a misdemeanor if the loot amounts to $500 or less. Based on the Facebook pics, this particular heist was worth quite a bit more than that. Tennessee state law holds that theft between $500 and $1,000 is a Class E felony, between $1,000 and $10,000 is Class D, between $10,000 and $60,000 is Class C, and anything more than that is a Class B felony.

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