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High School Student & Teacher Caught Stealing Case of Beer

a case of bud light sits on a teacher's deskIn many cases, working together with other people to accomplish a shared goal is an effective strategy. It’s hard to build a house by yourself, for example, and it’d be equally difficult to extinguish the flames if that house caught on fire. Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say. Not that the concept of working together is only used for good, moral purposes — teamwork is also good for crimes. Just ask the high school teacher from Reston, Virginia who teamed up with one of her students to steal a case of beer. She knows about teamwork.

Certainly no Ocean’s 14:

A few minutes before the clock struck 11 p.m. on Monday evening, South Lakes High School’s Spanish teacher Fabriana Alicia Ciammaichella rolled up to an Exxon gas station with Adelmo Ernesto Guillen, an 18-year-old sophomore from the same school.

The whole scheme was captured by security cameras. Ciammaichella and Guillen entered the store together. She got the cashier’s attention while he meandered through the aisles, grabbing a case of beer and leaving while the cashier was distracted. Mission accomplished. Ciammaichella exited the store, let Guillen and his loot into her car, and drove off.

Either they weren’t thinking too hard about security cameras or they overestimated their sneakiness. Police officers noted Ciammaichella’s license plate number in the gas station’s surveillance footage and officers promptly showed up at her house. Game over. Not only was the stolen beer sitting in plain sight, so were several other illegal things — LSD, pot, maybe even some cocaine.

Since both Ciammaichella and Guillen are legal adults, they were both legally arrested and charged with drug, alcohol, and larceny crimes. There’s no word yet on whether they were also doing other inappropriate things (like having sex) or if Ciammaichella has similar relationships with other high-schoolers. Of course, she’s still been suspended from teaching while the case runs its course.

Larceny Offenses

“Larceny” is just a fancy word for “theft”. Legal professionals use it for, I don’t know, adding variety to their vocabulary or sounding smarter or something. It’s still just theft of property.

In the state of Tennessee, stealing a case of beer qualifies as theft under $500 because a case of beer costs about $20. This crime is a Class A misdemeanor and is punishable by no more than twelve months behind bars and up to $2,500 in fines. So don’t steal.

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