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Justin Bieber’s Beer Bong Rampage May Cost Him $100K

justin bieber cringes in front of a group of people using a beer bongJustin Bieber is a celebrity, which means when he embarrasses himself it’s a much bigger deal for him than it would be for us normies in a similar situation. Most people don’t make international news when they commit a party foul, because hey, who cares? Bieber, on the other hand…

Well, he doesn’t have the luxury of anonymity. So when he showed up at a nightclub in Houston, Texas last month and made a fool of himself with a beer bong, he was unable to sweep that embarrassment under the rug. And it’s safe to assume that Bieber is very much aware of this kind of constant danger. After all, his beer bong beef-up has made the news one month after the fact — not because he’s an amateur at college drinking activities, but because he broke this guy’s phone for collecting video evidence.

“Clearly a Novice”

The phone-owner in question is Robert Earl Morgan, who was already boogying down at Houston’s Cle nightclub when Justin Bieber made a grand appearance. He was also having a good time carousing and joined his buddy, rapper Post Malone, on the stage. Hilariously, this was also the night that Bieber put out a cigarette on Malone’s arm. Or, you know, maybe it was a marijuana cigarette. Kids these days.

Anyways, someone at Cle had a beer bong. If you’re not familiar with what a beer bong is, it’s basically just a funnel attached to a tube. One person holds the funnel above the drinker’s head while filling it with booze, which then gushes down the tube and into the drinker’s mouth. So it’s not really a bong so much as it’s… well, a funnel glued to a tube.

Bieber took note of the beer bong and proceeded to engage with it. I’m sure many of us have been to college and are therefore no stranger to these types of urges. However, unlike most hip youths, Justin Bieber was apparently not well-versed in beer bong technique. Robert Earl Morgan watched Bieber take the beer bong, noting that he was “clearly a novice,” since he completely beefed it and spilled beer all over himself.

Naturally, Morgan was filming the pop star’s gaffe, as anyone with a fully-charged smartphone would. Bieber noticed Morgan recording a video and was displeased. He demonstrated this emotion by snatching away Morgan’s phone and smashing it.

Farewell, Precious Memories

People lose their phones all the time and it’s always pretty sad. But most people are able to come to terms and look forward to the next phone, which, more likely than not, they will also lose. When Justin Bieber smashed Robert Earl Morgan’s phone, however, he was devastated for a few reasons.

His biggest issue was the fact that his SIM card was destroyed alongside the phone. In a lot of cases involving busted smartphones, the hardware is the only real loss suffered — its data can be retrieved from the SIM card, or the cloud. Then it’s simply a matter of re-downloading it to the new phone. While it’s unclear if Morgan is familiar with the cloud, what is clear is his lawsuit, which states that many sentimental and valuable pieces of data were irretrievably lost with the SIM card.

His lawsuit mentions some highlights: photos from his grandmother’s 100th birthday party, five-thousand photos and videos captured during his college years as a photography minor, and numerous business contacts. Allegedly, the loss of those connections has negatively affected his earnings. After calculating the approximate value of lost precious memories and business information, Morgan has come to the conclusion that Justin Bieber owes him $100k.

Bieber the Vandal?

Based on Tennessee’s legislation pertaining to property damage crimes, it looks like Robert Earl Morgan may have legal recourse to pursue a six-figure compensation on the grounds of vandalism.

A person is guilty of vandalism if he or she knowingly damages or destroys another person’s property without that owner’s consent. I don’t think there’s any question that Morgan hadn’t given Bieber consent to smash his phone. So as far as a by-the-book assessment goes, it’s certainly possible that Bieber’s beer bong disaster will be as expensive as it was emotionally devastating. Does $100k seem like too much money for the crime? Absolutely, yes. There’s no telling how precious Morgan’s memories truly were, but it’s doubtful that an honest account adds up to more money than most American families earn in a year.

Unfortunately for Justin Bieber, he is a celebrity, and that means he will be a target for lawsuits until the day he dies. It happens all the time — average, non-rich people making extravagant fusses when a celebrity slights them. Sometimes it’s reasonable, but often such incidents are exaggerated for financial gain. The sad fact of the matter is that many of us don’t feel bad about taking money from celebrities, because from our perspective, they can afford it.

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