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“Key and Peele” Star Keegan-Michael Key Files For Divorce

keegan-michael-key-divorceIf you’ve turned on Comedy Central even once over the past few years, odds are that you’ve seen at least a commercial for “Key and Peele.” One of Comedy Central’s most popular sketch comedies ever, the show’s name is a mashup of its two stars: Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.

For most of 2015, these two lovable comedians spent their time off-stage with their respective lovers. Key’s been married since December of 1998 to actress Cynthia Blaise and Peele started dating Chelsea Peretti a couple of years ago. But as the year started winding down, game-changing steps were taken by both comedians, leading both into new phases of their love lives: Peele got in engaged in November and Key just got divorced.

Falling Out Of Love: Not A Joke

It’s kind of weird to see stories like this because they remind us normies that funny people (like famous comedians) aren’t exempt from life’s ups and downs. They make us laugh and feel happy, but that doesn’t mean that they feel that way themselves.

Keegan-Michael Key has been married to Cynthia Blaise for seventeen years. That’s a long time — especially by Hollywood’s standards. There probably aren’t that many celebrity couples these days with pre-Y2K origins. So, with Key at age 44 and Blaise at age 57, why is divorce all of a sudden on the table?

Two words: Irreconcilable differences. Classic grounds for divorce, and also the public’s only clue to why the divorce is happening. Irreconcilable differences could mean anything! People change over the years, and sometimes these changes are enough to drive a wedge between even the strongest relationships. The passage of time can make things very weird when it comes to the game of love. Considering Key’s decision to divorce after almost two decades of marriage, it’s likely that he’s feeling some kind of weirdness.

If nothing else, let’s hope that he stays cool with Peele, who’s falling in love as Key falls out of it. So many people would be heartbroken at the destruction of that friendship.

Streamlined Divorce: The Ideal Situation

Hopefully, the irreconcilable differences between Key and Blaise aren’t so bad that their divorce will have to involve litigation. Because litigation is never, ever preferable to an amicable negotiation process.

There are two types of divorces: uncontested and contested. Key’s going to want to push for uncontested, which is the kind that doesn’t involve shelling out tons of cash and wasting an enormous amount of time to argue about stuff in a courtroom. It’s much more cost-efficient, and way better for the mental health of everybody involved, if contested divorces are avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Things aren’t looking too bad for Key. There’s no word of any scandals or anything that would force him to seek a resolution through litigation. The fact that he and Blaise haven’t had any kids together makes things infinitely more manageable — children have an unfortunate tendency to make divorces messy. Child support and custody are two very contentious issues. Just ask any parents you know.

Uncontested Divorce: The First Steps

Not all divorces start with the potential for an amicable solution, like Key’s seems to have. Every marriage is different, and when it comes to divorce, it’s never a shock when either spouses aren’t terribly interested in “working things out.”

But that’s not important — working things out is usually the way to go, even if tensions are red hot. Litigation should be a last resort for issues that can’t be resolved without intervention, but so many people take this route because negotiating with their spouses seems so repulsive. It’s hard for two people who hate each other to reach an amicable solution, and that’s a fact that doesn’t just apply to divorce.

This is why you need legal representation: an attorney who knows the ropes can make sure you’re taking every opportunity to avoid a drawn-out and expensive divorce. And if the prospect of litigation does surface, he or she will be able to help you make the choices that, in the long-term, are in your best interest.

At Turner Law Offices, P.C., our team of attorneys has years of experience working with clients across a wide range of divorce cases. Whether you’re hell-bent on litigation or trying to reach a resolution outside the courtroom, we know the most efficient means of securing a satisfactory resolution. Call today, or go online to set up your Free Initial Consultation, and meet with a skilled lawyer who’s ready and waiting to get you on track toward the outcome you deserve.

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