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Lamar Odom Recovers from Cocaine-induced Coma

Lamar Odom with hookerFormer basketball star Lamar Odom has hit an all-time low in his life. Amidst an ongoing divorce with celebrity Khloe Kardashian, Odom was hospitalized Tuesday after a sex and cocaine filled brothel excursion left him unconscious outside Las Vegas. It was not until Friday morning when Odom finally awoke from his coma. So, thankfully, there is progress in his recovery. According to a 911 call, Odom did cocaine while on several sexual performance enhancing drugs, which is a dangerous concoction that would obviously lead to being knocked out. Odom reportedly spent approximately $75,000 at the Love Ranch. For those wondering, as I was, the Love Ranch is a legal, licensed operation. The 35-year-old is a two-time NBA champion and has not played since the 2013-14 season.

Supporting Odom

Being in a coma is a serious situation, and his family, friends and former players and coaches recognized that. Kobe Bryant, Scott Disick, Kendall Jenner, rapper Tyga with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner and Khloe Karsashian highlight the celebrities that visited Odom at his bedside. In a movie-like scene, when Odom woke up from his coma, his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian told him, “You I know I love you,” and Odom was responsive. Since then, his heart has shown evidence of increased function. The couple are currently separated but are technically still married since the divorce has yet to be finalized. This incident may rekindle their relationship.

It may not be shocking to see Odom doing drugs, but it is surprising to see Odom solicit prostitution. As a world-famous basketball and reality television star, it would appear to be easy to find women without having to pay thousands of dollars. Luckily for him, he solicited at a legal establishment, so he will not be facing jail-time.

Tennessee Prostitution Laws

Prostitution is not legal in Tennessee. The crimes range from three different perspectives — the prostitute, the promoter (pimp) and the patronizer. Most prostitution charges are misdemeanors with the exception of a felony charge for pimping and aggravated prostitution, which is when a prostitute continues to sell herself while knowingly being HIV-positive. Tennessee has a unique law in which increases the seriousness of the crime if prostitution occurs within 100 feet of a church or 1.5 miles of an elementary, middle or high school(s). If Odom were patronizing prostitution in Tennessee, he would face a Class B misdemeanor, which is a maximum 6 months in jail and a fine no more than $500.

Hire Tennessee Prostitution Criminal Defense Attorneys

Prostitution crimes are one of the more embarrassing crimes offenses to be charged with. If you are being charged with a prostitution crime, you need a well-trained, knowledgeable attorney on your side to defend you in a court of law. At Turner Law Offices, P.C., we have over 20 years experience in dealing with criminal defense cases. We work relentlessly to reach the best outcome for you, whether that is building a strong defense or negotiating a plea bargain deal. Call our offices or Request a Free Initial Consultation online today to speak with one of our excellent attorneys!

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