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‘Dance Mom’ Guilty of Bankruptcy Fraud

dance-mom-bankruptcy-fraudReality television breaches many fields of interest, and one of the more popular happens to be the world of dance. Training for young dancers is truly a school of hard knocks in many cases and the show Dance Moms capitalizes on this.

The lady presiding over the series’s constantly fluctuating crop of tiny dancers is Abbie Lee Miller. She’s the Simon Cowell of the show, to put it frankly. She’s hard on the kids, hard on the moms, and the strictness of her demeanor makes the show very watchable for viewers across the nation.

Of course, it’s probable that fans of Dance Moms will soon have to find another idol. Abbie Lee Miller is in trouble for bankruptcy fraud and it’s looking like she could very well be moving from the studio to the slammer.

No Dancing Around Deceit

Miller filed for bankruptcy in 2010, just before her dance studio became the set of the now famous Dance Moms. Which meant success! And money! Which, according to the western Pennsylvanian bankruptcy court, she tried to hide! Yes indeed, Miller has just been indicted on the following charges:

  • False bankruptcy declarations!
  • Bankruptcy fraud! And,
  • Concealment of bankruptcy assets!


When she started the process of restructuring her debts after filing for bankruptcy, she probably should have done it in a way that was legal. But she didn’t. And now, due to her dishonesty and attempts to scheme away money that should rightfully go to the bankruptcy court, she’s probably going to owe MUCH more money ($250,000 more) in addition to a lovely 5 year vacation to prison.

Bankruptcy Fraud in Tennessee

Miller wouldn’t be exempt from any of the legal problems she’s currently facing if her bankruptcy charges had been filed in Tennessee instead of Pennsylvania. It’s just not acceptable to lie about how much money you’re making, especially to the bankruptcy court, which has an obviously vested interested in making sure you’re being honest about money.

And honestly, Miller might even be facing stricter potential penalties if she was in Tennessee. Her prospective fines are allegedly capped at $250,000. Which is a lot. But the maximum amount that can be charged for bankruptcy fraud in the state of Tennessee is double her current fines: $500,000.

The point is, being dishonest during the bankruptcy process is bad no matter what state you’re in. Doing so is rightly considered a criminal act, since it is essentially stealing money from the party helping you with your money problems.

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