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Michigan Man Paying $30,000 in Support for Child That’s Not His

Child support lawyers in Nashville TNMichigan resident Carnell Alexander is being called to court in order to pay $30,000 in back child support for a child, he claims, that isn’t his.

The problem first began when Alexander’s ex listed him as the father when applying for welfare benefits.  Then, according to documents filed with the court, a process server claimed to have given Alexander a notice of hearing, in person, at a house where he had once lived.  Yet Alexander claims this never happened–he had been incarcerated at the time.

Since that time, Alexander claims that, any time he made an appearance in court, he made it clear that he wasn’t the child’s father.  Additionally, the child’s real father has been constantly involved in the child’s life.

When Alexander first learned of the case set against him, he visited an address provided by the court to try and find the mother in order to get a DNA test.  She no longer lived at the address, however, and the court has said it has no other way of helping him find her.

Most recently, Alexander has approached the Third Judicial Circuit Court for help, but the judge instead became outraged that, “for two decades, Mr. Alexander failed to take this matter seriously.” The motion to set aside acknowledgment of parentage must be filed within three years of the child’s birth or within one year of the order of filiation being entered, claims the judge, and that, because this case has been open for two and a half decades, Alexander must pay.

Alexander’s defense, however, claims that he didn’t have the financial means for legal recourse, as he had just gotten out of jail and only had an 8th grade education.

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