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Osbournes Divorce Confounds Everyone

train with ozzy osbourne's face races towards a heart tied to train tracksAll aboard! Hahaha!

Everyone who still thinks about the Osbournes will be relieved to know that Ozzy and Sharon, although going through an apparent rough patch, have not filed for divorce (yet). But it does look like the crazy train of marital problems has indeed left the station. Only time will tell if it goes off the rails.

No, Ozzy and Sharon seem to be doing pretty poorly over the past few days. Ozzy was apparently living in a hotel over the weekend after Sharon accused him of sleeping with a hairstylist. And even though divorce isn’t explicitly on the table, Ozzy’s return on Monday prompted a less-than-optimistic response from Sharon — she packed a few bags and dipped out. She also canceled her appearance on her live show, “The Talk.” Her co-host tried to cover for her but wound up just gossiping:

“There were many tabloid headlines this weekend about Sharon and her husband Ozzy, rumors and speculation that they have split up after 33 years of marriage. Sharon understandably took today off. We are sending all of our love to her and to her family, and we ask that you do the same.”

Off the wagon?

Since we’re talking about Ozzy Osbourne here, inevitably the question of substance abuse has surfaced. Are the Osbournes having problems because Ozzy’s back on the drugs? It wouldn’t be the first time. Back in 2013, Sharon left him because his various addictions were spiraling out of control. Of course, if that incident reveals any indication of how their current spat will be resolved, there isn’t much to worry about. Ozzy got sober and Sharon came back.

This time things are a little different. For one thing, the answer to whether Ozzy’s back on drugs is a firm “no.” This came out in a phone interview between Ozzy and E! News on Saturday, during which he said, “I have been sober for three and a quarter years. I have not touched drugs or alcohol in that time. Any reports that I am not sober are completely inaccurate.”

So that brings us back to adultery and hair stylists. When these kinds of celebrity rumors turn up, they’re always traced back to some anonymous “source.” And while it’s certainly possible that such sources are legitimate, it’s best to take their words with a fat lump of salt. Tabloids survive off of celebrity gossip, and if they wanted to start a baseless rumor, quoting mysterious sources would be a very convenient way to do that. On the other hand, celebrities seem to have affairs more than regular people, or they’re more often caught at it. Until we hear about a hairstylist home-wrecker from the Osbournes themselves, there’s no great reason to assume she even exists.  LA Blogger Harrison Wheeler of the Urbane Blog said things are “not just right” with the Osbournes right now.

Separation vs. Divorce

While the chances of an Osbourne reconciliation are so far kind of optimistic, divorce can’t be ruled out yet. For one thing, they’ve already separated — and separation is, in many cases, an omen for divorce. Which makes sense. If there’s so much tension in a marriage that one spouse packs her bags and moves out, that’s a sign that “talking things out” hasn’t been working.

But, like I said, it’s probably not hopeless. Maybe every few years Sharon and Ozzy just need to take a little break from each other. Still, if circumstances got worse instead of better and divorce was suddenly on the table, the Osbournes would do well to attempt mediations. It’d be a shame to abandon a celebrity marriage that’s lasted for 33 years! Like, that’s probably about 11x as long as the average celebrity marriage! If Sharon can forgive Ozzy for whatever he did, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that both of them would have a happier future.

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