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Seattle Ducks Vehicle Crashes into Charter Bus

duckboat-bus-crashSeattle medical facilities are still filled to the brim with victims from this mornings accident on the Aurora Bridge, in which a Ducks tour vehicle swerved out of control and crashed head-on into a charter bus carrying 45 students and workers from the international program at North Seattle University. Countless minor injuries were reported alongside 8 critical injuries and 4 deaths.

Earlier this afternoon, Chinese consulate representative Ron Chow made a statement regarding the identities of the deceased, all of which were students aboard the charter bus.

How the Accident Happened

Emergency services were contacted at 11:15 this morning. According to eyewitnesses, the Duck tour vehicle experienced a malfunctioned when attempting to merge into the left lane on the bridge, at which point the driver lost control of the vehicle and wrenched away half of the oncoming charter bus in a head-on collision. Two SUV’s were also involved in the collision. The nature of the Duck vehicle’s malfunction at first appeared to be a simple tire blow-out, but witness reports suggest that the tire might have come off completely.

Duck tour vehicles are common attractions in cities where there are waterways. They double as both automobiles and boats, able to carry passengers along tour routes that navigate both terrestrial streets as well as waterways.

The Aftermath

Students and employees aboard the charter bus who did not sustain injuries have since been relocated to North Seattle College campus, where they were awaited by crisis counselors. Of the 45 international students involved in the incident, a large majority were of Asian nationality, although the public yet awaits the official report as to the ethnic identities of those injured and killed.

Injured victims were relocated to various hospitals, medical centers, and even a nearby zoo. Around 50 victims were reported in total and many are still receiving treatment for their injuries. Blood donors are currently in demand, as supplies have been greatly depleted since treatments began earlier today.

Bus Collisions in Tennessee

Accidents involving tour vehicles and buses are often much more complicated, in a legal sense, than those involving individual drivers. The Duck tour vehicle company as well as the charter company involved in today’s collision seem to have identical protocols to those operating in the state of Tennessee as far as emergency response guidelines: either company is responsible for ensuring the safety of victims aboard their respective vehicles before any others.

One of the stickiest aspects of bus collisions is the question of liability. Bus companies as well as tour companies go through great pains in order to ensure that, in the event of an incident causing injuries, they are not held liable for damages. Such organizations are almost certainly guaranteed to have outstanding legal representation, making it extremely difficult for individuals to file claims against them.

Still, if Washington state legislation regarding bus collisions and other such vehicular incidents is in any way similar to that of Tennessee, it’s certainly possible for compensation to be distributed fairly. The legal process might be arduous, but with the proper compilation of evidence, justice for such accidents is far from out of reach.

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