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Nashville Man Arrested for Smuggling Drugs from Europe

Drug smuggling is very illegal in the United States, but this fact doesn’t stop many citizens from trying their best to profit from such business endeavors. The War on Drugs has resulted in a great many incarcerations related to this sort of activity, and Nashville Metro Police has worked alongside U.S. Postal Service inspectors and the Department of Homeland Security to put another drug-soliciting criminal behind bars.

Their ongoing investigation has led to the arrest of Daniel Tepaske, 29-year-old Nashville citizen. Tapaske was foiled and apprehended after attempting to bring in massive amounts of illegal drugs from Europe.

Tepaske’s Charges

The arrest occurred when the package of drugs arrived and Tepaske came to pick it up from the post office. This particular parcel contained only one variety of drug: MDMA, or what is commonly referred to as “ecstasy.” According to Metro, Tepaske has probably been doing this kind of business with international partners for quite some time.

Naturally, this incident inspired search warrants, and Tepaske’s home was raided in search of more contraband. Police hit the jackpot there. Here’s a list of everything they found:

  • 43 doses of LSD, or “acid”
  • 18.6 oz of marijuana
  • 586 doses of MDMA, or “ecstasy”
  • 146 g of hallucinogenic mushrooms, or “shrooms”
  • 1 handgun

As you’ve probably noticed, all that stuff is super illegal to have, and even more illegal to sell. Tepaske’s looking at a felony drug offense, for sure, but also 3 counts of drug possession with intent to resale.

Drug Offenses in Tennessee

Most of the drugs mentioned in Tepaske’s case fall under the category of “Schedule I” in the state of Tennessee. LSD, MDMA, and hallucinogenic mushrooms merit the highest kind of offense because of their “high potential for abuse.” Charges include a Class B felony, incarceration from anywhere between 8 and 12 years, as well as fines up to $200,000.

Marijuana falls under Schedule VI, but still comes with whopping penalties if there’s enough of it. Depending on the amount, offenders could end up with felonies ranging from Class E-A, 1 to 25 years of incarceration, and fines up to $500,000.

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