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Category Archives: Bankruptcy

50 Cent Poses on Instagram With Loads of Cash After Filing For Bankruptcy

Bankrupted rapper 50 Cent is facing federal scrutiny due to a photo he posted on Instagram in which he is surrounded by piles of cash arranged to spell the word “BROKE.” It’s a funny joke. It really is. But some jokes, no matter how hilarious, are unreasonably risky to make under certain circumstances. You shouldn’t […]

Student Loan Debt Collected by Federal Marshals

Earlier this month, Texas resident Paul Aker heard a knock at the door of his home in Houston. As a law-abiding citizen, he was reasonably confused when he found that his visitors were U.S. marshals. They weren’t at the wrong address. They were looking for him. Aker was targeted and placed under arrest by the feds […]

‘Dance Mom’ Guilty of Bankruptcy Fraud

Reality television breaches many fields of interest, and one of the more popular happens to be the world of dance. Training for young dancers is truly a school of hard knocks in many cases and the show Dance Moms capitalizes on this. The lady presiding over the series’s constantly fluctuating crop of tiny dancers is Abbie Lee […]

Saying “I Do” To Debt

The days of newly weds looking at house payments as their first large debt have apparently come to a close. So what’s the new top-dog dollar sign attached to the prospect of marriage? By a wide margin, it’s the cost of the wedding itself. The modern age has changed many things. For one thing, there’s […]