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Saying “I Do” To Debt

wedding-expensive-debtThe days of newly weds looking at house payments as their first large debt have apparently come to a close. So what’s the new top-dog dollar sign attached to the prospect of marriage? By a wide margin, it’s the cost of the wedding itself.

The modern age has changed many things. For one thing, there’s the internet: we can see what everyone’s up to all the time, and we can talk about it with each other even when we’re miles apart. In terms of marriage, one thing this technology has changed is our ability to see what we’ll miss if we don’t shell out tons of money for the Big Day.

The New Wedding Standard

People are spending an egregious amount of cash for one day of celebration. It’s not surprising. As our very own head attorney Rob Turner was certainly right to point out, “When we look at the nationwide trend there’s even a television show about these elaborate weddings. When people watch them they want those elaborate weddings.”

Social media is also helping with this encouragement to spend, spend, spend. Who hasn’t seen an at least a couple of extensive Facebook photo albums filled with memories from our friends’ and acquaintances’ dreamlike nuptials? If Jimmy and Jane across the street can afford those royal flower arrangements, why can’t we? Well, I suppose we can if we’ve already saved up the dough, but many of us simply do not have $31,000 to throw down for even the biggest party of our lives. And yes, studies show that this is indeed the new average cost of weddings in the United States.

Cutting the Nuptial Cost

Not everyone is on board with the “all or nothing” wedding trend that is oh so popular. Aly Cutter, a Nashville musician, has made sure that when she says “I do” on the big day, she won’t wake up the next morning with a bill she can’t afford. She and her fiancé, Todd Hinkle, plan to spend only half of the national average. “It’s a special day,” said Cutter, “I want to start our married life off right. But at the same time, I can’t see myself being in debt, a degree for one day.”

And with the frequency with which divorces are filed these days, their plan is probably one that many couples should use as an example. It’s far from uncommon for newlyweds to be newly-exes within just a couple of years of tying the knot. If they’re spending money they don’t have for their wedding day… Well, Robert Turner has seen countless divorces and he hits the nail on the head: “Most people are putting weddings on credit cards and if they are one of the 50 % that gets divorced within a year or two of the first marriage, then they’ve got a debt to pay back to a credit card company. It could put them in bankruptcy.”

Imagine sharing enormous financial debt with someone who probably isn’t too crazy about you. Chances are, it’s going to be quite the battle to make sure that you’re not the one burdened with most of it. Things can, and do, get very nasty in these types of divorces.

Tennessee Divorce Debts: Where Do They Go?

In the state of Tennessee, and probably several other places across the nation, infidelity is a leading cause of divorces. The internet has so graciously made it as easy to cheat as it is to order, well, anything. It’s a temptation that many are unable to refuse. When these situations happen and the divorce papers are filed, one can probably guess where the debt for outrageous wedding expenses fall: right on top of the cheater. This can be troublesome – if a couple was already sharing the debt, then how on earth would one of them be able to pay it off on his or her own?

At Turner Law Offices, P.C., we have years of experience with divorces in all kinds of circumstances. Even if you’re already facing problems from having a wedding you couldn’t afford, we know how to best negotiate terms that are reasonable for all parties involved. You don’t have to drown in financial stresses – call today or go online to set up your Free Initial Consultation with one of our seasoned attorneys, who are ready and waiting to do whatever it takes to make sure you stay afloat after even the nastiest divorce.

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