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Category Archives: Criminal Law

‘Criminal Minds’ Actor Kicks Himself Off The Show

As it turns out, one of the actors from popular CBS show Criminal Minds had something of a mildly criminal mind himself. And now that criminal mind — 54-year-old Thomas Gibson, who portrayed main character Aaron Hotchner — has been officially kicked off the show. His crime? Kicking someone in the leg. The only real […]

Public Plea from Mother & Son for Their Forbidden Romance

They say love knows no boundaries, but the state of New Mexico might have something to say about that. In the case of 36-year-old Monica Mares and 19-year-old Caleb Peterson, love means something that’s making many people uncomfortable: a romantic relationship between biological mother and son. Mares was separated from Peterson after giving birth to […]

Busch Gardens’s Dancing Flamingo Dies After Customer Attack

Some guy in Tampa decided it would be a good idea to take his family to Busch Gardens on Tuesday. While enjoying their day at the popular theme park, this man, 45-year-old Joseph Anthony Corrao, decided it would also be a swell thing to go hang out with the animals in the Jambo Junction viewing […]

Albuquerque 7th Grader Can’t Escape Legal Ramification of Burping

A recent ruling by a federal appeals court in New Mexico should serve as a warning to teen troublemakers across the nation. The case, dating back to 2011, involved a student attending Cleveland Middle School in Albuquerque, who was arrested for burping in class. His parents were quick to press charges against the officer and […]

Potentially Risky Situation Turns into Heroic Act from Marines Thanks to Pokemon Go!

On July 6, 2016, the world as we know it changed. Rogue bands of youths appeared on the streets in force, staring at their smartphone screens like they’d finally assimilated into the Mother Server. Pretty much every demographic is, to some degree, obsessed with their smartphones. Parents tell kids to put them down at dinner, […]

Deciphering Clinton & Comey’s Vague Diction

FBI Director James Comey recently announced his recommendation that Hillary Clinton not face criminal charges for her controversial use of a private email server to conduct government business during her time as Secretary of State. Many people, so far, seem to be rallying behind two reactions: outrage and told-ya-so. The general narrative across the media […]

Chris Brown Accused of Assault… Again

It’s been seven years since Chris Brown’s first victim, then girlfriend Rihanna, exposed him as a violent person. Now the fist-flinging rap star is at it again, apparently — alienating yet another loved one: this time, longtime manager Mike G. Like so many other people who have encountered Chris Brown, Mike claims the rapper assaulted him. […]

Baylor President’s Job On the Line Following Sex Scandal

Kenneth Starr, Baylor University’s president and chancellor, found himself in a sweaty situation Tuesday after several media outlets reported he’d been fired for involvement in sex scandal cover-ups. The University’s administration, under Starr’s leadership, allegedly neglected to address multiple reports of sexual assault over the course of eight years (2009-2016). An internal investigation, headed by […]

NYC Bank Struggles in Aftermath of Real-Life “Ocean’s” Heist

Customers of Maspeth Federal Savings Bank in New York’s Queens are mourning the loss of dozens of safe deposit boxes, or rather, their contents. Bank employees discovered the theft when they came across an enormous hole on the building’s roof, as well as a ladder and piles of looted safe deposit boxes. This trail of […]

Delta Airlines Attendant Charged with Theft for 1,500 Mini-Bottles of Liquor

Delta Airlines had to lay off a stewardess from Memphis after finding out that she was stealing mini-bottles of liquor from airplanes and selling them on the internet. Rachel Trevor has been charged with the theft of approximately 1,500 bottles. And before you start making assumptions about her motive, no, she wasn’t getting hammered in […]