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Category Archives: Child Support

Woman Requests $15,200 In Child Support for Wine Budget

Editorial Note:  After this article was published, we were notified by Schillings International, LLP that the court proceedings, the subject of this blog, was intended to be private.  We have complied with the Legal Notice served on us and removed the names of the parties and the Court; however, the article is still very interesting […]

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Sherri Shepherd’s Child Support: The Ole’ Baby Con?

Sherri Shepherd, once host of popular daytime show The View, now finds herself saddled with a gigantic $4K per month in child support. The long-debated legal battle between herself and her now ex-husband, Lamar Sally, has finally ended in Lamar’s favor (and to be fair, he IS the one taking care of the kid). Shepherd still, […]