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Category Archives: Fraud

Johnson & Johnson Pays $72M For Cancer-Causing Baby Powder

That’s right, folks! If you weren’t already aware of the various lawsuits aimed at Johnson & Johnson, then consider yourself warned: their baby powder gave a woman ovarian cancer that killed her. In other words, time to switch to Goldbond. The verdict was announced on Monday night, after a Missouri state jury decided that Johnson […]

“Wolf Of Pharma Street” Yuppie Charged With Fraud

Pharma Bro Charged With Fraud; Hated For Drug Pricing Maybe you were skimming the news this week and saw all those headlines about the “pharma bro” that everybody is loving to hate. He’s Martin Shkreli, head honcho in the pharmaceutical industry, and he was arrested just a few days ago for fraud charges. Apparently he used hedge […]

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Texas AG Ken Paxton Sent To Jail, Does Not Pass Go

Joining the ranks of jailed politicians is Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who was put into custody Monday morning of his own volition. He sat down to his mugshot all smiles and wearing a suit – an unusual exception to the standard “gray towel” wardrobe mandated for such photos. He’s looking at three felonies, two of […]