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Category Archives: Theft

Tennessee Officers Replace Xbox After Child’s Gets Stolen

In this apparent age of gun violence and police brutality scandals, it’s important to remember that the criminals we see in the news aren’t the standard — they’re the exception. Cops get a lot of flack these days. But every now and then, a story pops up that reminds us of those countless police officers […]

Robber Leaves Keys, Phone At Scene of Crime

It is nearly impossible to catch a burglar and locate stolen objects. However, sometimes an incompetent burglar can make it easy for law enforcement. A Twin Falls, Idaho man did just that, as he left all the evidence necessary for his arrest at the invaded home. Caleb Shay Funke, 22, was arrested by police over the weekend after […]

Pics Posted To Facebook Ruin Ashville Bank Heist

We know this because an Ohio couple tried it out. After sticking up a bank and successfully making it out with fat stacks of cash, these two lovers decided their next move was to upload photos of themselves with their loot to Facebook. Yes, to Facebook. And while it’s absolutely crucial for bank robbers to know how […]

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Chicago Trio Steal $20K from Middle TN Banks, Busted by Gallatin Cops

Three residents from Chicago, Illinois, used fraudulent debit cards to steal more than $20,000 from area banks in a matter of hours, but have since been busted by Gallatin police. Autumn Green, Titus Long, Jr., and Breanna Joplin, all age 20, were arrested after attempting to get a fraudulent cash advance of $2,500 from the […]