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Chattanooga Faces Domestic Terrorism

TLO-chatt-domestic-terrorismAn “active shooter situation” took place in Chattanooga on Thursday morning in two separate locations. Both attacks targeted recruiting centers, military and navy, and it seems as though only one gunman is responsible. The event officially concluded by early afternoon, but not in time to prevent damage and fatalities.

The first shooting happened in the later part of the morning at a strip mall on Lee Highway. According to witnesses at the scene of the crime, shots were fired rapidly through the windows of the military recruiting center location in the shopping center. Soon to follow was a similar assault on a Navy recruiting station just over seven miles away on Amnicola Highway.

Two Acts of Domestic Terrorism

Immediately after the first shots were fired, both recruiting centers initiated contact and worked with Chattanooga police officials to set up blockades that closed off the roadways at both locations. Down the road at Chattanooga State Community College, students on campus were essentially put on lockdown in response to the warnings. No one on campus was harmed, but unfortunately, the violence acts resulted in the deaths of four marines as well as the shooter responsible for both attacks. Three other unnamed victims are being treated for injuries at Memorial Hospital.

Although the danger seems to have passed, all state offices in the Hamilton County area have been shut down until further notice. Furthermore, Memorial Hospital has likewise closed its doors for the time being. Flight paths have been restricted within a four mile radius of the incidents until 6pm today. Reports confirm that President Obama has been informed of the violent acts and readily awaits incoming news regarding the current circumstances. Andy Burke, Chattanooga mayor, labeled the shootings as acts of domestic terrorism and a “horrific incident in our community.”

Gun Control and Tennessee Law

One might guess that supporters of increased government control of firearms are not going to be quiet about this event. Gun control has been a hot topic for years, and citizens who want to keep gun laws the way they are may have to think up a good defense in light of Thursday’s domestic terrorism. The Second Amendment of the Constitution guarantees all Americans the right to bear arms. States, however, are permitted use their own discretion when enforcing limitations on acquiring firearms.

Tennessee has relatively relaxed legislation for gun control. There was once a fifteen-day timeframe during which a citizen must wait before buying a gun, but this has been repealed. The main concern for purchasing firearms in Tennessee is the required background check, intended to identify convicted felons and unstable persons who are not legally permitted to own guns. Minors under eighteen (18) years of age are also forbidden from purchasing weapons. Concealed carry permits are available upon fulfillment of requirements, as well as open carry permits.

At Turner Law Offices, P.C., we’ve dealt with countless cases involving gun restrictions and criminal violence over the years. Our team of attorneys has experience helping both victims from attacks and accused offenders. We’re ready and waiting to hear your situation and work with you to get the most satisfactory result possible. Call today, or go online to set up your Free Initial Consultation.

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