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Charleston Shooter Faces Federal Indictment

Charlestonshooter-indictmentsAn update on the Charleston shooter trial: state charges for weapons, murder, and attempted murder have been supplemented by 33 federal indictments, the most notable of which being a hate-crime charge. Dylann Roof, the infamous killer responsible for the tragedy at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, has still not filed a plea. In other words, justice is being served… but slowly.

Execution, or No Execution?

It may come as a surprise to some that the death penalty is still not in the cards for young Roof. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has expressed her thoughts on the matter. She says he should be put down. There are undoubtedly many people who feel the same way – but shockingly, the families of the victims seem to not be among this demographic.

“They are an inspiration to us all,” U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said of the victims’ loved ones, who have publicly forgiven Roof for his slaughter. Lynch goes on to say, “I frankly do not know how many of us would be able to find that forgiveness in their hearts,” which truly speaks for many Americans keeping up with the aftermath of the Charleston tragedy. One simply has to log into any given social media service to find harsh opinions regarding the methods by which Roof should be punished.

Death Penalty in Tennessee

Some might find it strange that the death penalty isn’t certain for Dylann Roof at this point. His crimes certainly qualify for capital homicide under Tennessee state laws related to capital punishment. He’s over eighteen years old, committed acts of “atrocious cruelness,” and certainly is guilty of “mass” murder. And these are just three of the defining factors of capital homicide in Tennessee.

If he was being tried in this state, the method of execution would be lethal injection. Electrocution is still used for some cases, but only those in which the crimes occurred before the first of January in 1999.

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