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Titans Player Justin Hunter’s Granted Bond for Bar Fight

TLO-justinhunter-bondreleaseFourth of July weekend is notoriously a “party weekend” for many people, and celebrities just seem to have a tendency to party a little harder than the rest. For Titans wide receiver Justin Hunter this partying got a little out of hand, in the form of a classic bar fight – which he started. But things aren’t looking too bad for the football star, since it’s just been announced that he’ll have the chance to redeem himself as long as he abides by the terms of his bond release.

For those unaware of the July 3 skirmish, it went down something like this:

  1. Hunter goes out drinking at Sandbar Raw Bar in Virginia Beach.
  2. He hears a conversation between strangers that, apparently, came off as distasteful.
  3. He interrupts.
  4. He punches one of them in the face.
  5. Sandbar Raw Bar fight ensues.
  6. Hunter gets one last sucker punch in on the same guy, before hopping into a vehicle that was ready to roll.
  7. He is recognized because he is a celebrity, and so…
  8. Hunter turns himself in.

As previously stated, it was a traditional bar fight, straight from a western movie. Yeehaw. But not all cowboys get to ride off into the sunset with a beautiful girl on his arms.

The Terms of the Return

“Nothing good happens after midnight,” General District Judge Daniel Lahne declared as he set down the terms of Hunter’s release. The conditions seem pretty fair, considering: no drinking or doing drugs, curfew is 11 p.m. – 5 a.m., fork over a $25,000 secured bond, and please behave yourself.

The plan according to Hunter’s lawyer is to establish a thoroughly strict training regiment, with the goal of keeping him so busy with football that he doesn’t even have the opportunity to make more unfortunate mistakes. If he successfully abides by the rules of his release and does well with football camp, then he’s looking at keeping his spot on the team. If not… well, we’ll just have to see.

Violent Assault in Tennessee

If Hunter had started his fight at a bar in Tennessee, he’d likely be looking at similar charges for aggravated violence. Surely the face-busting that he gave the stranger at Virginia Beach qualifies as serious bodily harm – after all, the victim ended up being sent to the hospital to make sure that none of his internal organs were too badly damaged.

Furthermore, charges might be distributed more widely if any other identities were recognized from the fight besides Hunter. It was a pretty big brawl. Tennessee law for aggravated assault maintains that witnesses who are deemed negligent by perpetuating violence. In other words, if any other names were known, Hunter wouldn’t be the only one looking at some legal penalties. They probably feel lucky that his celebrity sponged up the blame in this situation.

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