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Joe Biden Pets Too Hard!

TLB-joebiden-dogbiteDog owners across the United States may sympathize with Vice President Joe Biden, who appeared in the East Room on Monday showing off a small but dark bruise under his mouth. The wound is the result of an apparently rough playtime with his dog, a German shepherd named “Champ.” And it looks like Champ earned his title at their last playdate.

Biden Will Not Die

Concerned citizens need not worry over Biden’s wound – it’s not fatal. But those present in the East Room honoring the Americans with Disabilities Act’s 25th birthday probably raised an eyebrow. It kind of looks like he got punched in the face, but no, according to his staff, it was simply a minor casualty courtesy of Champ The Dog.

For those unfamiliar with Champ, it’s okay. He’s not really a celebrity himself. The family dog usually only makes public appearances at the Naval Observatory, where the VP officially makes his home. He’s seemed well-behaved in the past, but maybe the strains of vice presidential duties have caused Biden to start petting too hard. Ease up, Joe – Champ doesn’t like it!

Dog Bite Law in Tennessee

Although the VP’s scrap with his canine resolved with relatively peacefully (relatively), not all victims of dog bites are so lucky. Tennessee has its own state legislation regarding injuries from dogs, which is a testament to how frequently such events occur.

Oftentimes, dog bite victims are not also the owners of the criminal pooches. Most everyone knows the ole’ stereotype of “dogs hate mailmen.” But accidents really do happen to passerby, and dogs don’t exclusively target postal workers. Owners of dogs who have injured another person are almost always liable to pay for the medical expenses that result from the attack. If the dog is big, like Biden’s german shepherd, then wounds can actually be fairly severe or even fatal. Owners who are aware of their dogs’ potentially dangerous natures are expected by Tennessee law to ensure that such accidents do not happen if they don’t want to face charges.

Nashville Personal Injury Attorneys

We see dog attack cases every year at Turner Law Offices, P.C., and we know exactly how bad and awkward these situations can be. It’s hard to hate the dogs – they’re just being dogs. But owners who are negligent in their stewardship of these pets can, and certainly should, be held liable. Our team of skilled lawyers know best how to pursue damages for dog bites, as well as any other injuries. Call today, or go online to set up your Free Initial Consultation, and get on track towards the compensation that you deserve.

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