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“Pawn Stars” Guy Officially Assaulted His Girlfriend

domestic-violence-pawnstarNot everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. It’s got a relatively lawless aesthetic, so naturally you get bad… and you get worse. Last month when one of the guys from “Pawn Stars” got recorded knocking his girlfriend to the ground by a restaurant’s surveillance camera. Johnny Jimenez Jr. is his name, and as of November 12, fighting accusations of domestic violence is his game.

Toys too — he’s a toy expert.

A Lil’ Less Conversation, A Lil’ Mo’ Action Please

Surprise! The Las Vegas Strip has security cameras. But we mustn’t forget that getting obliterated is a fancy pastime in Sin City. Johnny Jr. — television icon, God in the world of toys — runs his Toy Shack there, so it’s not surprising that he takes part in the city’s bumpin’.

In a domestic violence case involving alcohol, it matters who was drunk. The attacker? The victim? Which is worse?

Sources are unclear about whether or not Johnny Jr. was Vegas-tier wasted when he introduced the sidewalk to his girlfriend’s face. But the word is she was pretty shambly. The phrase used by the police was “extremely intoxicated.”

Johnny Jr. didn’t respond very gracefully to her ratchetness. She left the restaurant and he was just not having it: surveillance footage shows him trying to make her go back inside the restaurant, pulling her to the ground by her purse in a self-described attempt to be helpful.

Pawn Star, Maybe. Boyfriend Of The Year…

Will the celebrated toy savant go to prison? Maybe. The charges have been charged, but this legal war is at least a battle or two from over. And in spite of the footage weighing in favor of “GUILTY,” the Pawn Star told TMZ reporters that he’s not even worried about it.

(Remember? He was trying to help?)

We’ll see if the ole’ “rough helper” defense plays out as well in the courtroom as it did in his head. Let’s just hope she woke up to: “How can I make this up to you,” and not: “On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is your hangover?” Because 10 probably isn’t even a big enough number.

Let’s Say He’s Guilty — How Bad Will He Get It?

It’s common knowledge that Vegas works a little differently than the rest of, well, the world. Still, lawmakers in America are pretty much on the same page across the board. Beating up someone who trusts and depends on you is worth harsh penalties no matter where you are. Of course, some criminals deservedly get it worse than others.

In Tennessee, for instance, people guilty of even minor domestic violence crimes typically have to spend nearly a year behind bars and bid farewell to thousands of dollars. On the other end of the scale, severe crimes translate to lifelong consequences.

Rehabilitation is also required, and usually probation. Domestic violence offenders in Tennessee all have to pass the Batters’ Intervention Program, where they’re coached on anger management.

The Pawn Star Did Bad… But What About Worse?

It’d be easier to accurately guess Johnny Jr.’s potential punishment if the whole “Who was drunk?” question had an answer. Clearer footage would help, too. But as bad as these circumstances are, the ugly truth is that worse does happen. This isn’t the first time a celeb’s name has shared a headline with domestic violence tags.

Did you hear about the NFL player who also beat his girlfriend in Vegas last month? Old news.

Remember this summer when everybody was talking about that Nashville executive who barely avoided having his life ruined because his ex-girlfriend said he strangled her? Keep up.

It’s unfortunate, but the worst cases don’t stay the worst forever. Countless American families suffer from domestic violence every year — but not all of them receive the justice they deserve. Sometimes it has to be fought for.

How To Win Domestic Violence Cases:

The first step to a success in the courtroom is to admit the facts: You shouldn’t do this alone because you probably can’t.

Domestic violence is a problem that has to be confronted personally as well as legally. Making sure your family is safe comes before anything else. There’s no need to take on the monumental burden of teaching yourself how to be a lawyer in a few weeks when there are people with years of experience who are ready and waiting to provide secure representation.

Your family is your priority. Law is for lawyers.

The quickest way to know what to do is to ask who knows. Call Turner Law Offices, P.C. or click here to consult a highly-trained attorney completely free of charge. Learning about your options is the first step toward securing the best possible resolution, regardless of your situation.

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