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NCIS Star Attacked by Homeless Man While Walking Home

ncis-actress-hobo-attackThursday wasn’t the best night of NCIS actress Pauley Perrette’s life. The homeless guy who ambushed her while she was walking to her house in Hollywood was a buzzkill in a big way.

She tweeted about her terrifying encounter on Friday morning — which was a good sign because that meant she survived — although she was punched several times. She attached a statement that ended with the eery words, “I almost died tonight.”

“I was alone, terrified, and trapped.”

Based on this story’s abstract, you might be wondering why this isn’t a story about a dead actress. According to Perrette’s account, the reason might have something to do with the fact that she responded to the situation pretty freaking gracefully:

“He kept repeating his name: ‘WILLIAM ___ ___, DON’T FORGET THAT! I’m Going to kill you.’ I was alone, terrified and trapped […] I prayed my heart out and then finally said, ‘William is a beautiful name. I have a little nephew named William.’ That’s all I said, all I did, other than praying my heart out. He started to punch me again, and then said: ‘get the fuck out of here.’ And I did.”

It’s not everyday you hear about an assault that was deflected by kindness. Despite Perrette’s completely justified fear, she was able to connect with her attacker on an emotional level and the payoff was making it out alive.

Her words are reminiscent of the massacre in Oregon only weeks ago — remember the woman who told the shooter, “I’m sorry for whatever happened to you?” In light of the tragedies America has seen this year, as well as those happening overseas, it’s refreshing to see an account of violence successfully countered by compassion.

Looking Toward A Brighter Future For Everybody

All things considered, it’s wonderful that Perrette seems to have been inspired rather than enraged by her near-death experience. Her statement concluded with several calls to action: more relief for the homeless, greater respect for police officers, and better mental health coverage, as well as an appeal for unity.

Perrette Homeless Tweet

Her final words were on the topic of spreading awareness. Support for America’s homeless is lacking in many ways, and stories like Perrette’s serve as reminders that the problem is far from solved. Whether the solution is social programs or just an outbreak of morality in voters, some sort of encouragement is certainly going to be necessary in order to ensure that all human lives within United States borders are safe and secure.

 But Did They Catch The Guy?

There’s still no excuse for violent assaults. Perrette didn’t excuse her assailant from justice after she escaped with her life. She provided a sketch which eventually led to the police’s apprehension of the homeless man responsible for attacking her.

Legal consequences were inevitable, and the homeless man was taken into custody on charges of felony assault.

If the incident had occurred in Tennessee, felony assaults generally carry the label of “aggravated assault.” Similar crimes that are less severe are punished with variations of misdemeanors.

The difference between aggravated assault and standard assault in this particular scenario is the fact that serious bodily injury was caused — Perrette was punched multiple times, and she has the marks to prove it.

What’s Going To Happen To The Hobo?

Aggravated assault crimes like this are usually punished with a lengthy prison sentence and hefty fines. Without an experienced attorney, the homeless man is unlikely to get any mercy from a judge or jury. Legal representation is critical for cases in which the penalties are severe. Even if the attacker was innocent, the fact that he’ll likely be unable to seek adequate legal support means that the charges are probably going to be carried through.

This is why it’s absolutely necessary for you to take action immediately if you’re involved in a crime involving assault, regardless of whether you’re the victim or the accused. Evidence gets cold very quickly in cases like these and the best way to enter the courtroom with security is to do so with a professional at your side.

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