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Robber Leaves Keys, Phone At Scene of Crime

635779995789766247-idaho55f736faa401f.imageIt is nearly impossible to catch a burglar and locate stolen objects. However, sometimes an incompetent burglar can make it easy for law enforcement. A Twin Falls, Idaho man did just that, as he left all the evidence necessary for his arrest at the invaded home. Caleb Shay Funke, 22, was arrested by police over the weekend after returning to a house he ransacked because he left his keys and cell phone inside. Leaving those behind is a sure fire way to be identified and quickly caught.

Incompetency At Its Finest

A woman called police after returning to her home on Saturday to find it a mess with papers everywhere, filing cabinets opened and valuables gone. It was clear she was robbed. However, she caught a break, finding a stranger’s cell phone on a bed and discovering an unfamiliar 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt parked behind her house. Inside the car were jewelry and money from other previous robberies. While officers were investigating the home, they spotted a woman dropping Funke off next to the car. At this point for Funke, with police clearly at the scene, he probably should have returned to unlock his car at another time. Nevertheless, the incompetency continued. Officers spotted Funke and began to question him, and he told them he let a friend borrow the car and was arranging for a locksmith to unlock it. When someone inside home came out with the Funke’s forgotten car keys, an officer unlocked the door and started the car. In full out panic, Funke said he did not rob the house and blamed it on the friend he lent the car to. When his story proved to not add up, police arrested Funke. His bond was set at $5,000 and has a preliminary court hearing on Sep. 25. Nice going, buddy.

Theft In Tennessee

Theft is one of the most complex criminal charges because it has such a wide spectrum. It can be something as small as stealing gum from a gas station or something as large as embezzling millions of dollars from a company. In Funke’s case, he performed three home burglaries, according to police. Assuming that Funke stole more than $500, he will be charged with a grand theft felony, which includes at least one year in prison and a lofty fine from the courts.

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