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Home » Aggravated Assault » Charleston Woman Bites Tongue Off Teenage Sexual Assailant

Charleston Woman Bites Tongue Off Teenage Sexual Assailant

tongue-bite-assaultThe title of this article is entirely accurate: in Charleston, South Carolina on Friday, a 16-year-old teen boy was taken into custody for breaking into a 33-year-old woman’s house and sexually assaulting her — a crime which earned him some hefty charges and left him tongueless. I’m sure we can all agree that the guy deserved it, but this fact doesn’t make the situation any less nauseating.

Karma’s a Biter

Reportedly, the victim was roused twice Friday morning at 6:30am by knocks at her front door. Each time she checked to see who it was, there was nobody in sight. Eventually she returned to bed, at which point the doorbell rang. This time, she was greeted by a “black male on the side of her house, holding a knife with a white handle against his chest.” She tried to shut the door on him, but he shoved himself inside before she could get it closed.

Once inside, the attacker knocked her to the ground. He asked where her bedroom was and carried her there over his shoulder. Things took a turn for the better when the victim foiled her assailant’s attempts to remove her shorts by delivering a swift knee to his groin. This allegedly earned the comment, “now you have to die.”

This was when the tongue thing happened. The attacker forced his tongue into her mouth and she “bit his tongue as hard as she could until she heard it snap.” It SNAPPED. Hopefully that’s a vivid enough image for you, dear readers.

The attacker was pretty caught off guard when his tongue got bitten off. While he was screaming and probably thinking something along the lines of, “This is super terrible,” the victim managed to escape the house and called the police at a nearby business. The attacker was found soon after at Waffle House, where I’d wager he was still freaking out. Police officials were kind enough to collect his tongue and put it on ice.

Tennessee Law and Violent Crimes

The teenager who got his tongue bit off, Antoine Tremane Miller, has been charged with assault, kidnapping, burglary, and criminal sexual conduct — all of the first degree. He also faces added charges for possessing a weapon while executing a violent crime. And no, he’s not getting any breaks because he’s a kid. The teen is to be charged as a man.

The fact that most of Miller’s criminal charges are tagged with “first degree” is significant. Crimes of this nature are taken the most seriously by any state’s legal system, and Tennessee is no exception. Crimes of the first degree are often violent, and most cases of violent crimes of the first degree involve a weapon. There are still a few nonviolent crimes that are considered first degree felonies, such as serious drug offenses.

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