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Category Archives: Sexual Assault

Peyton Manning’s Good-Guy Image Ruined By Sex Scandal

The further we walk into the future, the harder it gets to remember those days before the internet. How did information get anywhere fast enough? How did people find out what’s going on in the world? The answer, perhaps unfortunately, is that we used to be at the mercy of media outlets. It wasn’t necessarily […]

Volunteer Firefighters Commit Sexual Assault In Hazing Ritual

Firefighters are usually held in high esteem; each day they risk their lives and put others first in a profession that is as dangerous as it is necessary to society. Children look up to them. They’re generally thought of as wholesome, family-oriented folk. So when five volunteer firefighters were arrested for sexual assault in a […]

“Feminist” Porn Star Exposed: He’s Actually A Greasy Rapist

“Feminist” Porn Star Exposed For Multiple Rape Crimes On Set The acclaimed “feminist” porn star James Deen is looking at some serious accusations from women who claim that he raped them. So far, 5 victims have come forward with accusations of sexual assault at the hands of Deen, and it’s possible that the list is still growing. […]

Charleston Woman Bites Tongue Off Teenage Sexual Assailant

The title of this article is entirely accurate: in Charleston, South Carolina on Friday, a 16-year-old teen boy was taken into custody for breaking into a 33-year-old woman’s house and sexually assaulting her — a crime which earned him some hefty charges and left him tongueless. I’m sure we can all agree that the guy […]

NBA Baller Derrick Rose Accused Of Drugging, Gang Raping Ex-Girlfriend

Drugging is NOT Consent In life, everything tends to even out, and the Chicago sports scene knows it better than anyone right now. The Blackhawks won its third Stanley Cup in six years earlier this summer, and the Cubs are on its way to making an appearance in the MLB postseason for the first time […]

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Ex-Cheerleader Found Guilty for Seduction of Teen

In what sounds like a classic porno gone wrong, ex-cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens Molly Shattuck, age 48, plead guilty to the statutory seduction of a 15-year-old. The victim was one of her kids’ friends – he went to the police last September with allegations that Shattuck had initiated a relationship with him that came to […]