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Category Archives: Drug Offenses

Former Broncos Running Back Indicted For Drug Trafficking

While the current roster for the Denver Broncos is celebrating their success in making it to the Super Bowl, one alumni is probably finding it hard to get too terribly “pumped up.” I’m talking ’bout Mr. Derek Loville, the 47-year-old ex-running back who saw two previous Super Bowl victories in the 90’s. See, he’s in the […]

Federal Prohibition Of Medical Marijuana Ends

Across the nation, patients suffering from conditions treatable by medical marijuana have scored a landmark victory — especially those who live in the states that haven’t legalized marijuana (which is most of them). It happened pretty quietly, all things considered. Somewhere in the 1,600 pages of Congress’ 2016 omnibus spending bill is a discrete passage that, for […]

Two Georgia Football Players Arrested For Marijuana Possession

A pair of University of Georgia football players were arrested Wednesday on misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession. Freshmen Natrez Patrick and Chauncey Rivers were caught smoking inside their car in a parking garage by university police patrolling campus after midnight. When police went to investigate the suspicious vehicle, one officer knocked on the window. Rivers […]

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Nashville Man Arrested for Smuggling Drugs from Europe

Drug smuggling is very illegal in the United States, but this fact doesn’t stop many citizens from trying their best to profit from such business endeavors. The War on Drugs has resulted in a great many incarcerations related to this sort of activity, and Nashville Metro Police has worked alongside U.S. Postal Service inspectors and […]