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Gwen Stefani’s Husband Cheats with Nanny, Now He’s Facing Divorce

gwen-stefani-divorce-recoveryThe August split between pop star Gwen Stefani and her rocker ex-husband Gavin Rossdale is certainly no secret — summer news is old news. But it’s always interesting to check in on celebrities as they resume their single lifestyles.

Why did Gavin and Gwen get divorced in the first place? Turns out it was a classic case of the sexy nanny, in this case Mindy Mann. In addition to taking care of the couple’s three kids, Mindy also found time to help Gavin take care of some, shall we say, “undercover business.”

The Divorce That Could’ve Been A Porno

If you think “Gavin Rossdale seduced by nanny” sounds like something his hornier fans might look up in a private browser, you’re not wrong. It does sound like that.

Statements made by an anonymous inside source earlier this year brought up Rossdale’s unfaithfulness. According to these claims, one of the nannies that wasn’t secretly having sex with Gwen Stefani’s husband uncovered evidence of  Rossdale and Mindy Mann’s relationship on the iPad that the kids played with:

“Gavin’s texts were linked to the iPad and could be seen. They talked about meeting up to have sex and she sent naked photos.”

You don’t really need much more proof than a set of nude pics.

Mindy Mann had to skip town for a few days after allegations of her involvement with Rossdale went public. She’s back, but quiet — as of yet she’s declined to respond to any comment on the situation.

What About The Rossdale Family Fortune?

Of course, Rossdale is not the sole contributor to the high-asset nature of his ex-marital estate. He was married to Gwen STEFANI. What the hell does alimony look like in a divorce with that much assets? What about their properties — wait — how many properties does the average celebrity even have?

Well, regardless of how many houses Gwen Stefani may or may not own, her primary estate is the $13.5 million mansion in Beverly Hills. As big as that house is, it’s doubtful that there’s room for them to share it these days. And as far as net worth goes, Rossdale was ranked at about $35 million pre-divorce. Gwen Stefani, though, is somewhere in the realm of $80 — $100 million.

Did I mention that the couple didn’t sign a prenup?

That’s probably not a problem, thankfully! Rossdale and Stefani seem to have settled their divorce with a surprising gracefulness. Just like their 50/50 child custody agreement, the massive marital estate was negotiated with apparently no problems. Rossdale took less than the 50% share of the assets that, technically, belonged to him even though rumors were circulating that he was plotting for more.

Good on you, Gavin! All in all, these celebs are doing very well in terms of maintaining an amicable relationship. Their focus is on the kids, as it should be, and it’s looking like their parenting won’t be falling short of standard, in spite of everything.

Gwen Stefani Takes Spiritual Approach

But how do famous people DEAL with the aftermath of nasty divorces like this? Getting unmarried sucks no matter who you are! Are high-profile people any better at it than the rest of us?

Let’s consider Gwen, who seems to be doing pretty freaking well:

It’s been a couple of months since Stefani’s divorce and a lot of bad juju has surfaced since the infidelity accusations came into play. Gwen’s coping mechanism for the doubtlessly stressful situation seems fairly unique: spiritual exercise.

Thirteen years is a long time for a celebrity marriage! Stefani and Rossdale’s split seemed to come out of nowhere for many fans, which seems to imply that Gwen was also caught off guard. When asked about her coping mechanisms, she said that she really hasn’t been focusing much on her looks these days:

“I’ve been working on my spiritual exercising and like really trying to connect, and be grateful and considerate, and living in the present.”

Her words certainly have a ring of wisdom to them. What good is hitting the gym if you aren’t “at the gym?” During such a taxing phase in her life, it’s understandable that she’s making efforts to not lose herself by dwelling on uncertain futures or unhappy memories. She’s got to make sure that Gwen-in-the-now is in a good place.

Finding A Good Place After Divorce

Whether you like it or not, divorce is usually accompanied by some period of self-reflection. A lot of that happens during the legal process itself. After all, part of getting divorced involves dredging up all relevant information related to the life you’ve lived so far.

And now all those parts are over. Willingly or not, you’ve been irrevocably separated from the lifestyle you were once accustomed to, and might be asking yourself: What now?

Gwen Stefani’s self-searching inspired a spiritual approach. That’s probably not how it is with everybody. But divorce is a great time to get your shit together in whatever way works for you. Here’s some stuff to think about:

  • Letting go of the past: what’s done is done. If you can’t forgive, at least start trying to peel off grudges and figure out what you need to do to find closure.
  • If you’re sad, be sad: you can’t change how you feel just by pretending you feel differently. The trick is not to let sadness be a roadblock. It’s more like a swamp — it’s tough to move through, but as escapable as it can be paralyzing.
  • Get to know yourself: maybe it’s been awhile since you were on your own like this. Does that mean you have to be lonely? No! Learning to love yourself like you love a friend or family member is important, because it helps to move you out of the sad-swamp and into a place of contentment.

But It’s Still Good To Have Help:

It’s okay if you don’t know what to do after divorce. Just remember that Gwen Stefani figured it out and so can you! Of course, she probably had a considerable amount of support from experts with the know-how to guide her through the hard times.

If that’s what you need, then get it. It’s much closer than you might think.

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